Waterwell in your office

Waterwell delivers Norway’s best solution for water in the workplace. Our mission is to create a tasty and nutritious alternative to today’s bottled water and soft drinks, and we want to contribute to a world without plastic bottles.

We make sure that companies and their employees have access to clean, filtered, and ice-cold water with optional flavor, vitamins and energy. This is the best solution on the market for businesses that want employees to drink more healthy water or reduce daily coffee consumption. The water has no calories and no added sugar. The ice-cold water comes in a steel smart bottle to save the environment from unnecessary use of disposable bottles. The bottles can also be personalized to each customer. In addition, a large smart screen makes it possible to give employees a useful message while filling water.

Companies with a clear environmental profile or who are environmentally certified will see the positive in saving the environment for plastic bottles. In addition, we collect water directly from the local water source in the building. In this way, you also save the environment for shipping water. Waterwell is also ideal for companies with bad taste on the water in office buildings or who must wait long for cold water.

We connect Waterwell dispensers directly to the company’s local water source. Here, the intelligent water dispenser fetches water that is filtered, and consumers can optionally add gas, flavors, vitamins and energy according to their desire just by pressing some options on a smart screen.

The dispenser requires minimal service and maintenance. Flavors are replenished when needed, and the water collector on the drip tray must be emptied only occasionally.