What is Waterwell?

Waterwell is a network of intelligent dispensers that communicate with Smart Bottles. Cooled and filtered water from your local water source, added tasty and nutritious flavors with or without carbonic acid.

What makes Waterwell unique in the market:

• Network of intelligent water dispensers
• The dispenser communicates with the user through a Smart Bottle with NFC technology
• Sending valuable real-time user data over VPN
• 15-inch touch screen with smooth user interface and communication. The screen allows you to publish customized advertising on each screen
• Connected to local water supply
• The water is filtered and cooled
• 30 combinations of cooled and filtered water with or without flavor, vitamins, energy and carbonic acid
• Service only once per year or at 10,000 fillings
• Service and software upgrades are centrally managed
• Large reduction of CO2 and waste vs ordinary bottled water